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Bossip Interviews lilD About #Route2Book

Popular entertainment site Bossip.com interviewed our founder Dee "lilD" Porter about her book, which comes out today (October 10). Here's a piece of it:

Her infectious voice has entertained scores of listeners over the years.

But 97.9 The Beat’s Dee “lilD” Porter’s rise to fame on the radio airwaves was anything but smooth. The Dallas, TX radio personality, who endured poverty and homelessness in her quest for success on the air, has written about her struggle to succeed on the radio in her new memoir, “Route 2,” which is out this week.

In it, the Louisiana native and self-proclaimed “Mouth of the South” recalls the three months she spent homeless and working two jobs in order to break into radio.

The book, out Oct. 10, includes a forward from “The Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne Tha God and chronicles her grinding for low wages, going hungry and struggling to fill her car with gas for the two hour trip for her part-time radio gig.

lilD said she promised herself that if she made it, she would write about her experience to help others.

“It was a Wednesday and I was sitting in that motel room,” lilD recalled in a recent interview with BOSSIP. “I knew I wasn’t going to eat until Friday, and I thought if I make it through this…I realized that so many people are going through a struggle right now. I want them to know that this isn’t the end of the road, it’s the beginning.”

Check out the rest here.

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