• Dee Porter

#WomanConvoWednesday: Should Women Get Sick Days for PMS?

Perhaps this is on my mind because it’s that inevitable week of the month where I crave sweets, am easily annoyed, and continuously appear to be constipated for 15-second increments. In other words, I’m experiencing the dreaded “p” word that no one is supposed to talk about.

Now I’ll be fine. Never has my period been so physically brutal that I've felt the need to call off work. But I do know people who have pains so excruciating that they have had to see doctors to try and figure it out. Now mentally....? Day 1 is a total mess. I'm not myself, I'm sad, I feel ugly, I'm irritable...you know, the usual.

I wouldn't dare think to use a sick day from work for that though. What would I say?

"Listen I'm not coming in today. I'm bleeding and hate everyone."

But why shouldn't that be a sufficient reason to take off? My mental health is affected, and that affects my performance. While there are birth control methods to ease cramps or prevent periods, there are some women who are in serious pain every month and just have to suffer through it, because talking about blood dripping from your lady part is uncomfortable for men. Well if it's that's uncomfortable....let us off work!! What's wrong with two (or even one) day a month where a woman can take a P-day?

What do you think? Should women get designated off days for PMS?

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