• Dee Porter

#MiniMoguls: Marley Dias is the Youngest Person on the Forbes 30 Under 30

When women support each other, wonderful things can happen. And when women create this culture as girls, the possibilities are limitless. Marley Dias' efforts landed her a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30, the youngest person on the list.

Dias, 13, is the founder of #1000blackgirlbooks, which started after the young girl wanted to gather books that featured black women as the main characters. Her initial goal was to reach 1,000 books, but she ended up gathering over 10,000 books.

Girls being able to look up to women who look like them, was the inspiration behind me starting "12 Days of Christmas." Every little girl should have a hero.

Dias also published a book in 2018 titled 'Marley Dias Get It Done: And So Can You!’ The book focuses on how young children can inspire change through community involvement and activism.

Her work has led her many places, including the White House, where she spoke at the United State of Women Summit alongside Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

Marley Dias wanted to make sure there were books with women to whom she and others could aspire to be. And now she has become one of them. You Go G.I.R.L.

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