• Dee Porter

#WomanConvoWednesday: Do You Go Out Alone?

Is it me, or do you always see the groups of girlfriends on social media looking fabulous, eating out, going on trips, or just taking pictures in a random hallway? I always wish I had a group of girlfriends who were there whenever I wanted to get cute and go out. Then I remember: I barely have friends, and the ones I do have are occupied with their husbands, children, or careers...mostly in another state. So, if I really want to go see that movie, I'm buying one ticket and sitting in the theater alone.

After moving to another region of the country for my career, and subsequently moving three more times in ten years, I'm used to having to make new friends or go out solo. I sometimes prefer to eat out alone, so I can read a book, people watch, or just have a moment to myself. It's not until the server says "just ONE??" that I realize I'm expected to be accompanied by someone else.

And if it's a certain time of the month, and I go out to have a drink alone, the moment I see a man buying a drink, presumably for his girlfriend, or I see a group of girls at a table laughing it up, I wish there was someone next to me so that I wouldn't have to talk to myself (which I do a lot). Then comes the negative self-talk:

Damn I'm a loser for being out here by myself.

I'm cute! How come nobody has noticed that I'm sitting here by myself?!? I am cute, right...?

Ooo he's cute....oh, so is his girlfriend. Of course he has a girlfriend; you're the only one here by yourself.

And what about people who are socially awkward or get anxious in public? If you tend to always think people are staring at you, would that fear heighten if you're out alone?

But does this mean we shouldn't go out, simply because we don't have anyone with whom to go? We should miss movies, clubs, vacations or good restaurants? If we don't depend on anyone for our happiness, should we depend on them for a happy time out...?

What do you think? Do you go out alone?

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