• Dee Porter

#WomanConvoWednesday: Is It Okay for Women to Propose to Men?

In a world where women want equality, many seem to revert to being old-fashioned when it comes to marriage and all its formalities. We want equal pay, equal respect, and equal opportunity...but mention a woman getting down on one knee and asking a man to spend forever with her, and you get the most disgusted looks and remarks.

I would die alone first.

Oh my God, I would never be that desperate!

He must not want me if I have to propose to him!

I've heard women who feel the same way about men taking the woman's last name. I'll never forget an episode of some 90's tv talk show I watched, where I saw a man propose to a woman, and she said "yes, but only if you take my last name." He said okay.

Does that make him less of a man?

What if a woman has been with her boyfriend for 5 years, and they've vaguely discussed marriage, but that's where it stopped. So the woman, against her friends' and family's advice, buys a wedding band, takes her man to dinner, gets down on one knee, and says "babe I love you. We've talked about it, but let's stop talking. Will you marry me?" He says yes, she places the band on his finger, they kiss...then the man looks around the restaurant and sees the disappointment on everyone's faces. Women look like it's a shame she had to ask him, men look like he's less of a man because his girl had to get on one knee when that's his place.

But if it works, who cares??

So...since women want to be equal in every other respect, is it okay for a woman to propose to a man? Let us know in the comments.

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