• Dee Porter

#WomanConvoWednesday: Should Women Have to Pay for Sanitary Products?

There's been talk about lifting the tax on sanitary products, but why do we pay for them in the first place? Imagine being an eleven year old who's having a period (I started in the 5th grade, so it's definitely possible), and you're at school with no money and no pads. The bathroom has a dispenser with those stiff ass cardboard tampons, but you don't have a quarter for them. What do you do? Head to the bathroom and wrap toilet paper around your panties and hope it holds up until you get home. 

I've done that.

Or picture a homeless woman who's having a hard enough time feeding herself, and then the inevitable reminder that she's not pregnant comes along. Welp, back to a bathroom to wrap toilet paper around those panties that she can't afford to wash.

That was me too.

Since menstrual cycles are a natural occurrence, why do we have to pay for them? I can recall walking into a barber shop and seeing a fishbowl with free condoms in them. Could we place a bowl of maxi pads next to it? Are periods still so taboo that men don't want to deal with the fact that blood comes out of our - and their moms'- vaginas once a month?

There are some amazing organizations dedicated to making sure women have sanitary products, and I salute them. But their very existence sheds light on a real problem. Why should women have to pay for something that will happen to them simply because they're born female?

Next time you walk in a bathroom and see that tampon dispenser, think about the girl who can't afford it.

Get more info on making restroom tampons free, here.

Do you think we should have to pay for sanitary products? Sound off in the comments.

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