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#GoGIRLS: MeryAnne Loum-Martin Imagined Her Way Into Success

MeryAnne Loum-Martin is the only black woman to own and operate a hotel in Morocco. Taking the French bar five years after law school, and having to find a creative way to use her unique experiences to analyze the law, Loum-Martin realized her talents could be used elsewhere.

The most important part of her journey to me, is the undoubted belief she has in herself. Jnane Tamsna, her resort hotel, has 24 rooms, 5 swimming pools, and a clay surface tennis court, and is the only black female owned boutique hotel in Morocco. It has welcomed the likes of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and designer Donna Karen. And while everyone finds her accomplishments unattainable, Loum-Martin always knew she would be a boss.

“People meet me and always ask me how I did all this. But I believe in the power of imagination. Everything that enables people to move ahead in life begins with their ability to imagine something different, a better world for themselves. When I was 9, I was with older children and they were asked, ‘What are you going to do when you are older?’ Even then I knew that I would be selling ideas. That’s what I had and still, have. Material things don't always mean that you have succeeded. With education, there’s no limit and that’s why it is so crucial to make it available for everyone. Nothing should ever permit you from dreaming big.” Loum-Martin says that she especially wants women of color in Africa and in the world to know that all is possible. “We should be able to imagine seeing ourselves in situations and places, and engaging with people and experiences for which we might have been made to believe we shouldn't have access to.”

MeryAnne Loum-Martin is currently working with a New York publishing house on a book covering 30 years of style, architecture and designing gardens in Marrakech. “It makes a difference when a book like this is done by an insider. I want Jnane Tamsna to become the visible place of black excellence in North Africa.”

It's amazing what imagination can bring you. #YouGoGIRL

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