• Dee Porter

#GoGIRLS: Monik's Royal Bundles are for Every Queen

Monik Herron has always known she wanted to be a boss. And while selling bundles of hair seems to be the new "flat tummy tea," the hustle behind her Royal Bundles puts the product a step above the rest.

Monik is a midwest girl who's from and currently lives in Chicago, and spent some time in Columbus, Ohio. Appropriately so, she went to college for Business and Administration.

While Herron had the education, her business didn't get off to a fast start. She had put her savings into her budding business, but there wasn't much profit yet. When one has a dream, but the masses haven't realized the vision yet, it can certainly cast doubt. Monik refused to give up though. "I had to step out more on faith and believe in myself. So I quit my job and started getting out more promoting my business and believing more in myself and I overcame the doubts."

The doubts are gone. Monik started out at the flea market, but opened her own store in November 2017, and she's not just selling bundles. Lucky's Closet also has clothes. "I know people like to look good and if you have to shop for clothing and you need hair, why not get it all from one place? It’s so convenient." So a girl could visit Lucky's and leave with everything she needs from head to toe. 

Monik's Royal Bundles are high-quality hair that's soft, natural, and long-lasting with proper care. Plus she ships and the wait time is minimal. But the best part is that her prices are very competitive.

The same goes for the clothes in Lucky's Closet. You won't find these ensembles just anywhere. "I like different and that’s what my clothes are! [And] the quality is good and my prices are even better!"

Monik has already come a long way from the flea market, but there are more goals on the to-do list. She wants Lucky's Closet to become a household name with locations all over the country. Keep selling quality hair and clothes like this, and it's a matter of time. 

Monik's Royal Bundles are sold inside of Lucky's Closet, 4444 Broadway, Gary, IN 46408. Visit moniksroyalbundles.com to place an order.

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