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#GoGIRLS: Chandi Rae's Image Consulting is Proving Victims Become Victorious

You ever heard the phrase, "I'm glad I don't look like what I've been through?" Image consultant, life coach, author and speaker Chandi Rae is the epitome of those words. Chandi is the CEO & Founder of Edge Luxe Image Consulting, where she serves as an image consultant and certified life coach. But let's journey on the road it took for her to get here.

Chandi and I have some things in common when it comes to self-esteem issues as a child, like being told she was "too dark" (as if there's such a thing). She didn't like her teeth, forehead...when you don't like yourself, you find a reason not to like any part of your beauty. Unfortunately, we also have darker situations in common.

Can you imagine being a regular 14 year old girl, having a crush on a boy...and he rapes you? Not only that, but you find out you’re pregnant. Not only was Chandi violated in the worst way, but she was then a child carrying a child....and got an abortion. Later the same year, Chandi was raped again, and this time, she gave birth to her daughter.

Sometimes, adults don't understand that children have serious issues too. Just because they're not paying the light bill or the mortgage doesn't mean they don't have things going on. Such was the case with Chandi. Her family didn't believe her about the rapes (luckily her parents did), she felt she was an embarrassment to her family, and thought their lives would be better without her, so she attempted suicide. Thank goodness she wasn’t successful. She had a lot of work to do.

"I gave my life to God when I found out He would forgive me for having an abortion." Chandi found an amazing church, and they taught her how to read the Word and to see herself as God sees her. She began attending women's conferences, and this is when the transformation began.

Doing hair for the girls on the military base on which she was raised led her to obtaining a cosmetology license. At first, it was just natural, since she was already doing hair. But then Chandi realized she could use this as a tool to empower women. Your hair stylist is often your therapist anyway, right? Chandi was a natural boss and soon owned her own salon, Edge Luxe Image Consulting. Then she began using her voice in more ways than one.

Did I mention she can sing?? Singing the hook on a friend's song led her to singing lead and background vocals on tour, traveling all over the world with George Clinton & Parliament, Dynasty, and more amazing artists. Talent runs in the family; her daughter Chaelyn Allen even recorded a song for her upcoming conference. We'll get to that in a second.

Chandi's true passion is empowering women. She uses the space at Edge Luxe Image Consulting to style the outer image, and takes care of the inner person with speaking engagements and workshops through her other business, Image Is Inside Out (IIIO). As an image consultant, she provides clients with the "tools to guide them towards having authentic confidence from the inside out; clarity; inspiration to JUMP towards executing goals and dreams and accountability." One of the tools I suggest you pick up is her exercise journal, available here .

Another powerful tool Chandi uses is one that helped her discover her purpose: a women's empowerment conference. Her upcoming "Tell Your Story" conference is for women to not only release the hurt from which they're suffering, but to connect with other successful women who've done the same. The two-day event begins February 23rd, her 40th birthday, with an exclusive VIP "night of refresh," where women can "tell their stories of how they've gone from pain to purpose." The next day (February 24th) at the Dayton Convention Center, there will be a panel of "successful women who did not allow themselves to be victims but who decided to be victorious." Tickets are almost gone, so register here.

Forever looking out for her sisters, there's even an option to donate a ticket to someone, if you can't make it. And Chandi is using all her talents for this conference; check out her single "Tell Your Story," available on iTunes (already added it on my Apple Music...sis is singing honey!!).

Chandi Rae is a wife, mother, healer, speaker, and a boss. She could stop there and just live her life, but helping our girls and women heal will always be important to her. She says, "they all have a calling in this world that they have to be mentally, physically, and spiritually equipped for." Well I'm glad you found your calling.

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