• Morgan Castles

Public Sex at A Swinger's Club Saved My Private Relationship

I've always been a little shy and reserved in my relationships. Yes I enjoy sex, but I guess I was just inexperienced and okay with that. My boyfriend, however, was not. I know he loved me because I didn't even give him any for like 4 months. After we were more comfortable with each other, he would drop hints about things he wanted me to do: different positions, oral sex, kind of regular things I guess. We usually just did it missionary, and I sometimes kept my top on. I know, I know.

So one day my man suggested we go to a swinger's club. I immediately thought about leather and whips and chains and was NOT interested. Plus, why would I want to have a threesome and group sex?? He said we didn't have to do anything but watch, and he wouldn't dare cheat on me. I knew he was sexually unsatisfied, and I also knew I was conservative, so I finally said why not.

That place is crazy! First off, there's a whole club in there, and food. Bathrooms were clean, there were hot tubs too. It was actually really nice in there. Then we got to the sex rooms. So they have these private rooms just for you and your bae, and then they have these big open spaces for people who want to watch. So imagine this big room, and rooms line the walls, but they only have sheer covers. Then in the middle of the room are different beds with people just out in the open having all kinds of sex. Oh, it was BYOB and I had a LOT of liquor. There was no way I was doing this sober.

I was almost scared at first. I didn't want to imagine all these strangers watching me naked, in the most intimate act with my man. Everyone there was very friendly; I mean I guess we were all there for the same reason. But still! I don't know them.

My boyfriend saw after an hour I was still pretty stiff, so he said "listen. I'm not gonna force you to do anything you don't want to, but I really want you to try. For me." I love this man and I wanted to be more open, but this was pretty open. So when one of the private rooms opened, we went in there and we had sex. I finally let him try a different position (doggystyle) and I loved it! As I'm on this bed, loving it, I opened my eyes and saw that this couple was watching us from the small window in the room! At first I was mortified, but then I saw how turned on they looked. I was turning someone on? My man must've noticed too, because he started doing the most.

So after that, we had some more drinks (I still wasn't ready to be sober), and we went to watch. The private room was fun but I was not ready for public sex. But I was drunk enough to see how other people did it. I was super ready to judge them. How could they just let everyone see them naked? What if they see someone they know? But after a minute, something strange happened: I began to admire them. How freeing must it feel to not care who's around, watching you enjoy yourself? Either my admiration or the liquor had me reaching for my boyfriend, and before you knew it, he took me into one of those rooms with the sheer cover, and we were at it again. This time, this other couple came and just got on the bed right next to ours. It was....fun. We were almost competing to see who was having the better sex.

On the ride home, he asked me how I felt. I told him "I....I love you. Thank you."

Am I the biggest freak ever now? No. Are we having threesomes? Hell no. But after being so free to have sex in public, my private sex with my boyfriend is so great now. I think what happened was that I had confidence. I wasn't shy about my body anymore. No more t-shirt or bra when we do it. If you've never been to a swinger's club, I suggest you make that trip at least once.

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