• Will Cummings

#ManMoments Why I Want YOU, Not Your Body

First woman: "You look good in a suit. Don't make me marry you." *Laughter*

Second woman: "You look handsome today. I wish we could take a picture together." *Picture taken, probably on some unknown Instagram account with the caption of "me and my husband."*

Third woman: "I see something on your pants! She unzips me as I'm being pulled into the restroom behind the nurses station at a nursing home with EVERYTHING out.

"Don't worry, it's my break."

Sometimes, a nut is a nut.

I was guilty of being the one to not say no as I'm only there to check on a family member. As she's sucking on what would be classified as a banana, in terms of fruit... I remembered her from the bar as she looked up at me to see if the banana was being well treated... And she was the same one who was so enamored with the fact I gave her a Christmas gift of her and friends that their bar tab had been taken care of. I just know the bar owner and I thought I'd end up in one of their beds for the morning. Joke on me it was. Nothing happened then.

So, as I'm about to bust a grape, my mind is thinking, "SHE THINKS I GOT MONEY!" as she places her number in my phone afterward. The sucking of such fruit was passionate, but there was no such call placed after. I couldn't vibe on the fact you wanted me for what you thought you could get.

Second woman: I saw her the next day, and if she was my type, I think her jokes might get the best of me. But I'm still friendly and she gets a Christmas card for being a nice lady.

First Woman: I thought she was attractive, and clearly funny with a smile to bring joy in your heart around the holiday. Her jokes were funny, and the way she looked at me seemed genuine. From there, we started talking about how each other lived and favorite foods. From there, we went on dates and I guess the joke is on me. She got what she wanted by being herself.

It's not about giving sexual advances to advance in life, it's who you are, what you stand for, and the natural vibes that you give off when encountering someone.

One woman was naturally nice, and got a thank you Christmas card.

One was beautiful, but she wanted dick and money. She didn't get a response.

One was attractive and her elegance was pure grace. She's still in my life.

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