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#GoGIRL Taleah McKnight Created a Business to Pay for Medical Care

At 23, Talea McKnight has a lot on her plate. Besides working part time and going to college online, she's battling Lupus (SLE) and Crohn's Disease. Her symptoms include everything from seizures to hair and vision loss to trouble going to the bathroom. While her partner works full time, it's not enough to cover the thousands of dollars in bills.

Instead of taking it lying down, Taleah has started hand crafting products to help pay for expenses. Her website showcases bracelets, car decals, necklaces and more. If you aren't interested in the crafts, you can also simply donate.

Her website breaks down exactly where the money goes:

• co-payments/ co-insurance payments for doctors appointments, hospital visits, testing, and medication.

• my oxygen rental fee (I pay a monthly fee to my insurance for my portable oxygen concentrator and my at home concentrator)

• travel expenses to doctors appointments (I see 8 doctors all over the Austin area and surrounding suburbs and sometimes I can’t drive myself especially for procedures or after surgeries of course so I may have to Lyft or give someone gas money to take me if my partner is unable to take off work)

• medical miscellaneous supplies and expenses.

Lupus and Crohn's disease can be both fatal and expensive, and I salute this young lady for doing everything she can to contribute in her own recovery. She's currently a junior in college majoring in Psychology, and plans to become an advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, eventually opening her own shelter for them.

Can't wait until you do. They'll need someone as strong as you to look up to.

Help her in the fight, here.

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