• Will Cummings

The Beauty of a Natural Woman

There's a new woman that so happens to be old. The natural woman who shares her face without makeup and hair without product. Being the beauty that you are is you. It may be your voice, it may be your looks, it may be your personality. But seeing all of you will forever be the turn on, and make you incredibly attractive. Not everyone can go all the way natural, but it's nice to see a clean pillow in the morning. I think the fear of not being beautiful and subtle talk from news outlets and social media has created a stir with just wanting to be yourself. Everything is piled up to the point where you're trying to look different or "acceptable" and your different may be your beautiful, or your accteptance into the club you had no clue existed. The love of a real woman. To see her natural beauty. Being yourself, being you, being honest with yourself is the new wave. I'm not here to shame women who feel the need to use makeup or get their hair done in a certain way. I wanted to provide a light to the women who are all natural, to share a message that they have followers too. That they too are appreciated and will have hands held from men who continue to stand by their beauty. Your sexy is what you make of it. Your sexy is being you.

#naturalhair #naturalbeauty #makeup #dating

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