• Dee Porter

#GoGIRL Duckie Thot is Cute 'To be Dark'

You know what's crazy? That in 2017, being a dark skinned black girl is still looked at like an ailment. I can't count the number of times I was told I was "cute for a dark girl," or when someone would call me black as an insult.

Thank goodness for people like Lupita N'yongo and Viola Davis sporting their chocolate skin and natural hair on my big- and small screen, finally a constant reminder that my black is beautiful as well. Now it's time to salute another sister for doing the same thing. Model Duckie Thot graced the cover of Paper Magazine with a low-cut hair cut, teal coat, radiant black skin of a goddess.

Thot said, "I remember being bullied in high school by other kids for the way I looked and today I'm on the cover of Paper Magazine."

I remember too, so I celebrate this win like I know you. #YouGoGIRL

#duckiethot #model #papermagazine #darkskinnedmodel #blackisbeautiful #colorism

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